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Supervisors & Staff

Supervisor District Map

Public Relations, Carl Green - Supervisor District #2 - Sinnott, Augsburg, Nelson Park, Lincoln, East Park, Tamarac, Wanger, Wright, West Valley, New Maine and the villages of Stephen and Strandquist.

Chairman, Brent Miller- Supervisor District #1 - Eagle Point, Donnelly, Fork, Parker, Big Woods, Bloomer, Middle River, Oak Park, Oak Park Strip, Vega, Vega Strip, Warrenton, Boxville and the villages of Argyle, Oslo, Alvarado and Warren.

Treasurer, Barry Walton - Supervisor District #3 - Alma, Foldahl, Marsh Grove, New Folden, McCrea, McCrea Strip, Comstock, Comstock Strip, Viking, Viking Strip, New Solum, New Solum Strip and the villages of Newfolden and Viking

Secretary, Randy Larson - Supervisor District #5 - Thief Lake, Moose River, Linsell, Whiteford, Rollis, Veldt, Eckvoll, Valley, Moylan, Moylan Strip, Espelie, Especlie Strip and the village of Grygla.

Vice-Chair, Joey Peterson - Supervisor District #4 - Huntly, Como, Spruce Valley, Cedar, Holt, East Valley, Mud Lake, Excel, Excel Strip, Agder, Agder Strip, Grand Plain, Grand Plain Strip and the villages of Middle River and Holt.

SWCD Staff

District Manager:  Darren Carlson


Administrative Assistant:  Janelle Kollin



District Technician:  Michael Carlson



District Conservationist:  Matt Waterworth


Soil Conservation Technician:  Thane Espe



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