Buffer Program

Buffer Program

Strategically placed buffer strips in the agricultural landscape can effectively mitigate the movement of sediment, nutrients, and pesticides within farm fields and from farm fields. When coupled with appropriate upland treatments, including crop residue management, nutrient management, integrated pest management, winter cover crops, and similar management practices and technologies, buffer strips should allow farmers to achieve a measure of economic and environmental sustainability in their operations. Buffer strips can also enhance wildlife habitat and protect biodiversity. (Natural Resource Conservation Service)
Conservation buffers help stabilize a stream and reduce its water temperature. Buffers also offer a setback distance for agricultural chemical use from water sources.

Contact the Marshall SWCD 218-745-5010 and/or the Marshall NRCS field office 218-745-4251, regarding the financial incentives listed below for buffer implementation.                       

Monitoring Plan for Buffer Compliance Tracking

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