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Custom Services & Products

Custom Services and Products
Plantskydd Repellet


This product is a deer and rabbit repellent.  It is 100% biodegradable and environment friendly.  The SWCD has a 1 pound powder concentrate for sale at the office for $25.00/box


Tubex Tree Shelter

Tubex provide protection from chemical, equipment, wind and from animal damage.  They also act as a "greenhouse" for the young tree seedlings.  The SWCD has Tubex for sale at $4.00/Tubex (includes oak stake).

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Go to the Tree page for more information and for Tree Order Form.

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Haybuster Drill

Custom Grass Seeding

The Marshall SWCD does custom seeding using two 10' all-purpose haybuster drills, which is ideal for seeding CRP practices, filter strips, field borders, pollinator plantings and pasture renovations.  Site must be prepped and ready for seeding and the seed must be on location.  The Marshall SWCD will supply the operator, tractor and the haybuster all-purpose drill.  Cost is $30.00/acre plus a tractor/drill transportation charge. 

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Tree Planting

Custom Planting Trees

The SWCD charges 0.40/tree for planting or a minimum planting charge of $200.00 for less than 300 trees planted.  One gallon potted evergreens planting charge will bbe $1.00/tree

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