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Northwest Minnesota Water Festival

Each year the Marshall SWCD, along with area SWCD's, coordinate the Water Festival.  Fourth grade students from Kittson, Roseau, Marshall, Polk, Red Lake, Norman and Pennington County participate in the one day event. Students learn about Minnesota's water resources by participating and having fun in activities about groundwater, water quality, watersheds, flooding and other water related topics. 

Tree Presentation

The District presents black hills spruce seedlings to the kindergarten children in Marshall County.


The Envirothon is an outdoor, hands-on learning experience for high school students. The Envirothon consists of five learning stations dealing with soils, wildlife, forestry, aquatics and a current environmental issue. Teams of 4-5 students answer 20 questions from each of the five stations.  Students also have to make a ten minute oral presentation.  The northern Area I Envirothon event is held at either Lake Bronson State Park or the Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge in a given year.

Water Fest 2
Water Fest 1
Soils Station
Wildlife Station
Soils Station
Aquatics Station
Forestry Station
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