STATE COST SHARE PROGRAM - An allocation of $9,491 was received for eligible practices.  Funds for implementing conservation practices for the coming year will again be available under the state cost share program.

CUSTOM SEEDING - The Marshall SWCD does custom seeding using two all purpose haybuster drills.  This drill is ideal for the seeding of CRP, filter stips, field borders and pollinator plantings as well as pasture renovations.  We supply the tractor and operator along with our drills.  We ask that you have your site prepped and ready for seeding and have your seed on location. The Marshall SWCD is also a seed dealer.  We offer quality seed, competitively priced.   In 2019, the SWCD did custom seeding on 17 fields of CRP CP-23A native grass plantings; 11 fields of CRP pollinator plantings; 7 fields of interseeding for pasture renovation and 3 fields of new alfalfa seeding.  In August, the SWCD split the two drills and used them for planting buffers along with a 8 foot gandy 3 point drill.  We had a short window of good seeding conditions no tilling seed into wheat stubble into early September and then came the rain and more rain.  We will continue working on our list of district buffer seedings in 2020 for those who have asked the SWCD to help them with buffer law compliance. 

TREE PLANTING PROGRAM - The District tree program added approximately 12,500 trees to the landscape of Marshall County in 2019.  Approximately 103 of the county's residents ordered trees and shrubs for their own plantings such as shelterbelt renovations, living snowfence, wildlife plantings or farmstead beautification.  The SWCD worked with landowners to plan and design 6 plantings in 2019 with 8.7 miles of trees planted within Marshall County.   

TUBEX TREE SHELTERS - In the establishment of trees, the first three to five years are critical.  Animal, tillage and chemical injury will put young trees under a great deal of stress reducing the growth and health of trees.  Tubex tree shelters can aid in protection for these problems, along with creating a greenhouse effect for young seedlings.  The tree shelters can block winds that scorch leaves.  Water vapor that transpires off the leaves collects in the tube, condenses and trickles back into the ground.  The result is better survival rates and growth.  Cost share is available for the tree shelters. For more information on this product, stop in or call the SWCD for assistance.

WEED BADGER SERVICE PROVIDED - The Marshall SWCD has another option for landowners who want to control weeds in the field and farmstead windbreaks.  This service will increase survival and growth rate of the trees planted for conservation.  

OTHER CONSERVATION PROGRAMS - To date, the District has enrolled more than 7000 acres in RIM, WRP and EWP.  Marshall County has 1500 CRP contracts totaling more than 106,000 acres and generating payments of over 6.5 million dollars.

PRESENTATIONS AND ACTIVITIES - The District presented black hills spruce seedlings to the kindergarten children in Marshall County.

WATER FESTIVAL - The SWCD participated in the Northwest Minnesota Water Festival.  Students in the fourth grade from Kittson, Roseau, Marshall, Polk, Red Lake, Norman and Pennington County participated in the one day event.  Students learned about Minnesota's water resources by participating in activities about groundwater, water quality, watersheds, flooding and other water related topics.  Approximately 611 students from 25 schools participated in the two day event.

ENVIROTHON - The Envirothon is an outdoor, hands on learning experience for high school students.  It consists of five learning stations dealing with soils, wildlife, forestry, aquatics and a current environmental issue.  Teams of 4-5 students answer 20 questions from each of the five stations.  The students also have to make a ten minute oral presentation.  There were 90 students from eight schools participating. Twenty teams participated in the event with winning teams advancing to state.  Students attend the Area I Envirothon held at Lake Bronson State Park or Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge.